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Fritz Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner


csütörtök | 2012.07.12.





Fritz Kalkbrenner, brother of the Berlin-based Paul Kalkbrenner, grew up in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg, which is full of projects, sadness and desolation. It’s the nineties – nothing to do but lots to fuck up. And for most of the people from that time and that corner of the world there is nothing more important than first of all: hanging around, killing time and second: music, music, music. Month by month Fritz spent all of his little pocket money on spray cans and dusty old hiphop vinyls, eg. Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-ONE and Wu-Tang Clan. And for having a soft spot for those old hiphop artists, his brother Paul and buddy Sascha Funke kept making fun of him… over and over again. Because Paul and Sascha were already infected by the techno virus, Fritz – the late bloomer in the crew – shall follow the lead some day. From his brother Paul and Sascha’s point of view, ’97 was the time when they’ve decided to smuggle Fritz into the legendary Berlin club Suicide Circus. The result was that Fritz couldn’t let go from the tech house music, not that he wanted to anyway. The time has come for Fritz to party it up in clubs like WMF, Discount, Tresor and Matrix. He’s having a good time while sucking in all of the new impressions. It wasn’t too long after that when Fritz started his own productions with leftover equipment from his brother Paul. But every lifestyle and action has its price, and Fritz’s was failing his high school diploma and dropping out.



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